What is snark.blog?
snark.blog is an ad-free, subscription based, private snark forum designed for people who want to enjoy a uniquely curated and super minimalist snark experience. Created and run by an instagram public figure and blog stylist, snark.blog is the ultimate in clapback luxury for the discerning snarker.

How much does it cost to join?
Membership in snark.blog costs $1.00 per month. This fee insures a 100% ad-free experience – forever.

How is snark.blog any different than GOMI?
Well first of all, there are ZERO ADS. None.

Second, this setup is as clean as it can be while still having the features that many of you want. There is a barebones private message system. You can subscribe to topics and get email updates when there is a new post. In your Account area you can see all your posts and manage your favorite threads. Search is full-forum – both post content and topic title. You can use iphone emojis without breaking everything. The post visual editor is much easier to use and has more formatting options. Because it is a private membership site whose content is not indexed for public use, there’s no gossip restrictions. There is a live, real-time chat feature that also works on mobile devices. In fact, the whole site works great on mobile devices.

And it doesn’t take 50 years to load.

Is my information secure?
We will never share or sell your information.

I don’t want to give you my credit card number!
That’s good, because I didn’t ask for it. I do not have access to your credit card numbers or whatever method of payment you use. It goes through paypal. Even if I go into my paypal account and view the transaction it still does not show me your credit card or bank account information. For details on what paypal shares with the goblin who owns this site, please click here.

Are you going to send me spam or drunk dial me?
Sorry, but I don’t really have time for that sort of thing anymore so your information is safe from being used for anything other than you logging in to snark.

What if I want to cancel?
You can go into your account and click ‘Cancel’ at any time. You will no longer be charged and your account will be deleted from snark.blog.

I cancelled but I still have 02984309472 minutes left that I pre-paid for!
Sorry, all sales are final and we do not give full or partial refunds regardless of when you cancel.